For non-payment of the fine will now be plant - Hire

For non-payment of the fine will now be plant - HireOn December 16, entered into force the new law, according to which the driver is not paid on time penalty for violation of traffic rules, may be arrested and detained for 15 days.The new law titled "On the bringing of the Criminal procedure code of the Russian Federation and other legislative acts in accordance with the Federal law "On amendments and addenda to the criminal code of the Russian Federation". He, in particular, amending article 20.25 of the administrative code, a new paragraph which States that "failure to pay an administrative fine within the period stipulated by the present code, threatens persistent defaulter, or doubling the fine or administrative arrest for the term up to fifteen days". Recall that the period of payment of the penalty set by the Russian legislation, is 30 days. In the case of willful failure to pay on the offender starts an administrative case.The introduction of this measure caused a sharp drop "penalty" fees - the last time the drivers were paid only 25-30% of fines. In the traffic police hope that the threat of arrest will force the owners to comply with the law.23.12.2003.

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