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Known value: Presented in the fall at the Frankfurt motor show, the updated X5 already appeared in the Russian BMW dealers. Taking a test drive of the new, `Газета.Ru` come to the conclusion that the minimum exterior and interior changes is hidden quite another X5.Yes, you need to be a connoisseur of the model range of BMW to go to distinguish the updated X5 sample 2004 from its predecessor with the same index. Look both machines are almost equally impressive is that from a distance, near. And only putting them nose to nose, you can find differences.One of the most eye-catching parts X5 - hood. Its characteristic topography formed by convex and concave surfaces, remained basically the same, but the lines become wider, higher and now reach of the grille. Has changed the grille. Its `nostrils` is the card of any BMW - rounded and look more powerful. Redesigned and the front skirt: large split in the center of the air inlet defined in the spoiler as if they are a logical continuation of the down lines of the hood.In a dual headlights have changed and outline, and content. That part of optics which ends the turn, slightly rounded. Around projectors headlights appeared glowing `crown`, which not only looks spectacular scenery, but also performs the function of the tail lights.The front of the updated X5 looks stronger and more dynamic, but less aggressive than its predecessor.Slightly updated the designers and the rear of the car. Here now are the new lights brake lights with transparent glass. Now look at the interior.If you were expecting high door SUV you will meet smasher, then your hopes will be deceived. Changes here too, purely cosmetic. The front seats and the rear seat, dashboard and distinctive three-storey form of the dash, center console and armrest, the ceiling and the handle on the door - all this in General remained the same. But looks beauty still more interesting than its predecessors. It began to use other material, where said contrast - and so everywhere. The most notable difference is the TV screen built into the dash - it was bigger. But for some reason, and creasing on the leather seats that are not explicitly carry the aesthetic options, too, became more noticeable. Say made in USA?Americans probably really like the rear sofa `x-fifth`: spacious, soft, heated. Here passengers have their own unit climate control, cigarette lighter and lights the individual lighting. The backrest can be folded down to increase cargo volume. And the access to the Luggage compartment remained the same as its predecessors - through double door: most of it half gently rises up and closes an electric power, and the bottom can be folded down as needed. This solution has its pros and cons. Heavy, bulky loads with folded bottom flap, which forms some semblance of the loading platform, to throw in the car will be easier. But to get it from the trunk that lies somewhere in the depths, it will be harder to prevent will be the same folded bottom flap sticking out of the machine.X5 despite the size, not the record for the volume of the cargo compartment - underground trunk is a huge tilt wheel.We now turn to the more interesting differences between the updated X5. Modification of 4.4 i, which got us on the test drive, significantly stronger than the one that used to be called the same way. If the former petrol 4.4-liter `eight` with a V-shaped arrangement of cylinders developed 286 HP, then that is on our car, gives already 320 HP This modified engine, which first began to put on new cars `five` and `seven` BMW is, one might say, the crowning technological achievement Bavarian engineers: here you and Valvetronic, constantly regulating the height of the stroke of the valve, and DoubleVanos, tuning phases of the intake and release and addition system variable control of the length of the intake tract. What do they give? As you push the accelerator to the floor...The motor is indeed a masterpiece. To disperse heavy SUV to hundreds in just 7 seconds - it should be able.On the one hand, he surprisingly docile - responds instantly to the slightest movement of the gas pedal. Secondly, perfectly V-shaped `eights` balanced. In the cabin it's almost inaudible. But when you want, it wakes up - no, not exactly, not the beast... It's some kind of terminator grabs you by the collar and with one push, not moving a single muscle, throws you together with two tons of iron and leather in a swift noiseless flight. After seven seconds - hundred, after thirty - two hundred speedometer. Maximum speed with the new engine can reach 240 km/h, if the vehicle is equipped with tire speed rating V.And how does palestincy Steptronic? Frankly, about this thing at all forget, because it no complaints does not occur. Just know that putting the selector in mode D, the move will calmly and with dignity; switching occurs without jerks and lags, the engine speed will always be in the `budget` range is not higher than the maximum peak torque. In S mode, the speed range is shifted up - switching harder acceleration over short and strong. And arrow econometric hammered in the extreme position - guess what:Another significant difference between the updated X5 is the all-wheel drive system.On the predecessors stood traditional permanent four-wheel drive with the free differential that distributes torque between the front and rear wheels in a ratio of 32:68. The role of the locks was completed electronic system ADB-X, which brakes the slipping wheel.In the new X5 is all-wheel drive system xDrive, which allows almost instantly distribute torque between front and rear axles in any proportion. Controls four-wheel drive system stabilization DSC, which always knows how the car: what is the speed, acceleration, yaw, demolition or skidding uphill or downhill... So full drive in the X5 now deserves the definition of `intellectual`.Still, the X5 was a pleasure to drive - let machine and looked like a jeep, but on asphalt behaved like a real BMW: minimum lag on the actions of the wheel, the minimum rolls, very stable behavior on the straight and cornering - if under the wheels of a smooth road. Updated X5 to manage even more enjoyable.Updated versions of the X5 will cost from 70 to 94 thousand euros depending on the configuration and engine.The car was given to test-drive the company " BMW Russland`.07.02.2004.

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