Land Rover Discovery awaits replacement

Land Rover Discovery awaits replacement In the autumn of this year the company land Rover will start selling the new generation of SUV Discovery, which with minor modifications issued for 15 years - for fans of off-road riding this news is one of the most important in 2004.The biggest news for fans of the Land Rover SUVs is that the new Discovery will receive a completely independent suspension of all wheels, and it will be pneumatic. Because of this the driver will be able to choose which ride he wants to go, and what should be the car ground clearance.It should also be noted that the new Discovery will become larger and more spacious than its predecessor. But the design will combine the characteristic features of the old car (preserved `brand` stepped roof) and a new style of Land Rover with large rectangular headlights.Under the hood of the Land Rover Discovery will install four engine: gasoline displacement of 4.0 and 4.2 liters (215 and 240 HP) and two diesel. The first is 6-cylinder with a volume of 2.9 liters (177-200 HP), and the second will have 8 cylinders and a capacity of about 300 HPTransmission will be a new generation. Now the driver doesn't need to be out on the roads to include all sorts of reduced transmission, lock differentials, etc. to keep Track of all of this is designed electronic system that will be to choose the mode, which is now required for travel through difficult places. However, the Land Rover engineers understand that some off-road enthusiasts love to decide when and what to include. To have the opportunity to fully manual control of the transmission and suspension.Source KM.RU.06.02.2004.

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