The British do not agree with the scheme, "how come so many pay

The British do not agree with the scheme, In the UK it is planned to introduce a new scheme of payment for travel on the road. It was called "How many are coming so pay". The Ministry of transport proposes to put on each car of the so-called "black box" satellite tracking system, and the driver will charge a fee depending on how many and where he went, and at what time. The most expensive will be a trip through the busy roads where most people go to work - for example, in Central London, the price will be up to 1 pound 30 pence (about 2 euros) per mile, and the movement through the empty country roads will cost just 2 pence per mile. Initially, this scheme will start operating vlide, Manchester and the West Midlands and will be implemented within five to six years, and spread it all over the country will take 10-15 years. According to preliminary studies, this will give the opportunity to reduce road tax and reduce congestion by about 4%.Most British motorists against such innovations - they think it will turn to them only new costs and will not help get rid of traffic.10.06.2005.

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