A-Klasse equipped with a Navigator

A-Klasse equipped with a Navigator The cost of the navigation package for the A-Klasse defined in 1799 euros. For the money the customer receives the GPS receiver to identify its location using a global American satellite constellation operating in free access.In addition, he will receive a pocket computer, PDA (Personal Digital Assistent), personal contract corporate user of the navigation system Mercedes, as well as cell phone GPRS to access the Internet.The latter is necessary for communication with the portal Mercedes, because all the cards needed for visual positioning himself on the ground, are not on the car, and on the server automaker.It has its PLUSES, because the user does not need to follow the map update is for him will make the customer service portal. In addition to services for placement and routing service Mercedes offers traditional communication tools: E-Mail read incoming messages, Internet telephony and otherBut there are also DISADVANTAGES, namely subscription fee. According to the preliminary data for the registered user portal it will cost 220 euros per year. In addition, minute work in GPRS will cost an average of 0.12 cents per minute.About the use of such schemes in Russia of the question - there is still no clarity on the use of satellite navigation systems. The main problem experts call is not technical, and legal26.11.2003.

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