ETCC. The disastrous debut of physically

ETCC. The disastrous debut of physically Veteran Formula 1 Giancarlo Fisichella took last weekend to participate in the final stage of the ETCC in Monza.Italian, for which it was the debut race in Agroturisme, played for the team Alfa-Romeo was supposed to help the leader stables Gabriele Tarquini in the fight for the title.Unfortunately, to contribute to the success of alpha (Tarquini still became the champion) Fisichella failed in qualifying he seriously broke the machine and at the start of the race never came out."I am very upset because I wanted so much to be in the race - was upset Fisichella. - Needless to say - my debut turned out to be a failure. In qualifying I went out on new tyres and almost immediately "lost" your car. I ought to be careful".22.10.2003.

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