Cadillac CTS: now in Russia

Cadillac CTS: now in Russia Dynamic language forms with bold, clear and accentuated contours and distinctive beveled shape give Cadillac CTS unmistakable appearance.Rear-wheel drive sedan is equipped with modern petrol engines V6 displacement of 2.6 and 3.2 liters, which develops maximum power of 133 kW/181 HP and 160 kW/218 HP , respectively, at 6000 rpm Installed longitudinally engines are aggregated with a five-speed manual transmission or automatic transmission with torque Converter.Option 3 CTS. 2 has a top speed of 240 km/h and accelerates from standstill to 100 km/h in 7.4 seconds (version with automatic transmission for 7.7 seconds). The maximum speed of the CTS with the engine 2. 6 l is 220 km/h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 9.3 seconds (with automatic transmission and 9.7). Both engines also have impressive torque: as a 3.2-liter, and 2.6-liter engine develops maximum torque of 300 Nm and 232 Nm, respectively, already at 3. 400 rpmThe highest standards, responsive handling and ride becomes particularly evident when considering carefully brought chassis Cadillac CTS. His settings were brought during intensive testing in the German racing track Nurburgring. The front suspension has two a-arm spiral springs. The car has an impeccable handling in turns and directional stability due pyatirychazhnoy rear suspension, which is isolated from the body to provide perfect acoustics inside the cabin. The hydraulic system automatically maintains the height of the body under all load conditions.Among other advanced features chassis Cadillac CTS is the dynamic stabilization system of the next generation StabiliTrak (optional), which helps to hold the vehicle on the desired path, if necessary individualnostyu on the brake mechanisms each of the four wheels. CTS also fully complies with the latest achievements in the field of passive safety: standard safety systems include front airbags for driver and front passenger, two mounted in the front seat side airbags, and installed on the ceiling curtain airbags that in the event of a side collision is blown out along the entire length of the cabin between columns `A` and `C`.Due to its relatively long wheelbase (2,88 m), CTS, with overall length 4.83 m, offers an exceptionally spacious interior.Standard Cadillac CTS includes 6 airbags, 16-inch alloy wheels, climate control, audio system with 7 speakers, ABS system, traction control and much more equipment to ensure comfort and safety.Base price on the Cadillac CTS is 39,900 USD for the car with the engine 2.6 liters and a manual transmission.CTS engine 3.2-liter is available for 49,900 USD.The car can be equipped with additional options: the package `elegance` (wood trim, leather seats and a special sports package, which includes StabiliTrak system, 17-inch wheels, xenon headlights.Source: AutoNews.ru02.07.2003.

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