Access to the centre of Moscow on 9 may be free

Access to the centre of Moscow on 9 may be free Moscow authorities will not overlap the center of the city on may 9, Yuriy Luzhkov said channel TVC. "Some zealous politicians the necessary preparations for the holiday exaggerated to the point that Muscovites will be better to leave the city. Nonsense and absurdity, no special passes we don't plan," said the mayor.According to Luzhkov, special security mode will only work on the red square. And access to all the way to the most famous sites of the capital - including Poklonnaya Gora, on Tverskaya street, on the square near the Bolshoi theater - for Muscovites and visitors will be opened."We will do so in Moscow that the holidays were an event, a great event, good event, and to every Muscovite could safely and freely to celebrate this feast," lead site promise Luzhkov.According to the radio station "Echo of Moscow", April 20, Moscow will begin to prepare for the celebration of the Victory Day. In the city hang flags, banners, posters. It is expected that in the coming days in Moscow will be more than a hundred decorative designs and about 200 kilometers elektrogirlyand.The city authorities promised new way to decorate and Red square: the rostrum, which will sit veterans, drape panels colors of the Russian flag, and opposite the main grandstand will build a hundred-meter the scene.In addition, it is planned that over the Manege square will fly a balloon with a flag of Victory, and the monument to Marshal Zhukov on the facade of the Historical Museum will place the portraits of generals who have led our country to victory.21.04.2005.

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