The Vatican creates Parking on archaeological treasures

The Vatican creates Parking on archaeological treasures The construction of Parking facilities at the Vatican came across stiff resistance on the part of archaeologists. As soon as the bulldozers began to prepare the site, they stumbled upon an ancient burial place of the Emperor Nero. The leadership of the Vatican allowed the archaeologists only superficially acquainted with the burials. Professor Andrea Carandini, who conducted many excavations in Italy requires a work stoppage. `We found items that have great historical value, " he said Carandini. - `This is the tomb of one of the wives of Nero, and his inner circle`.But the Vatican adamant. Press Secretary of Pope Giovanni Dance Avil that Parking will be built anyway, because 300-m employees have nowhere to Park their cars. Dance absolutely not impressed archaeological finds: `Yes, it was discovered a few small items, but they are of no particular value. Much more important for us is additional Parking for cars`.18.03.2003.

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