Perhaps Smolensky still will buy the rights to the MG

Perhaps Smolensky still will buy the rights to the MG Rumors that the owner of the British company TVR, Russian businessman Nikolai Smolensky can buy the bankrupt MG, continuing to grow. According to the British magazine Auto Express, Smolensk hopes to expand production activities TVR and move operations from the factory in Blackpool on a larger factory in Longbridge, previously owned by MG Rover. According to AE, now Smolensk took a wait and want to understand how much it will cost him the right to build cars MG TF and the purchase of equipment. Informal information comes from sources close to the company TVR that claim Smolensk really applied administrators of MG Rover, the auditing company PricewaterhouseCoopers. Furthermore, the company TVR it has nothing entrepreneur allegedly applied myself.Recall that MG Rover went bankrupt in April of this year, the result of which was fired more than 6,000 people and closed the plant in Longbridge. Now there is an investigation of the reasons for the bankruptcy of the company, the perpetrators of which is still considered her former owners, four of Directors of Phoenix. About the future of the manufacturer until finally nothing is known.06.06.2005.

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