The VW Polo Cup: finish on a high note!

The VW Polo Cup: finish on a high note! Won the individual and team standings at the final stage of the Russian Cup Polo, racers `Instant racing` has put a beautiful point in the season, held their dictation with the first race. Andrey Selivanov the second time this year rose to the highest step of the podium, and Anton Smekalin, divided on the stage in seventh place with Mikhail Stepanov, won the Cup of Russia. Try Maxim Chuvaev and Sergey Khabarov (`KORUS-Motorsport`) to bypass the stuntmen in the struggle for the team trophy was not successful, but in the individual competition they both entered the top three winners.Her fighting spirit Maxim Chuvaev, issued at the start of the sixth stage leader in the individual competition, demonstrated in Sunday morning warm-up, breaking the record for the St. Petersburg route, established two years ago, his namesake Maxim Trainim. However, the arrival of the first developed for the racer `KORUS-Motorsport` failed. Having lost at the start a couple of positions, Maxim fought with Ivan Tomas, and when `Dynamo` long arc for a moment lost in the course (not included fifth gear), he tried to pass it on to the outside radius at the entrance to the 2nd floor. Risky maneuver failed machine touched each other, then Polo at number 5 launched. To finish Maxim got only a tenth. His partner Sergey Khabarov was the sixth, then as the movie went on to finish fourth (Selivanov) and eighth (Smekalin) positions that allowed them to slightly increase the gap from `KORUS-Motorsport` in the team standings.The decisive race racers `Instant racing` spent like she wanted to once again show who this season was on the first cast. Starting with the twelfth position, Andrey Selivanov already from the second turn was the leader, and the second position was occupied by Anton Smekalin. Andrew kept his position until the finish, reflecting multiple attacks Oleg Petrikov (Citimotors) for the first time won a place on the podium. Anton, whose car this weekend the motor does not get power, finished fifth, followed by the riders `KORUS-Motorsport`.`Very pleased with our Andrew win, " says Anton Smekalin. - Become the first winner of the Cup of Russia and I would like to congratulate on the success of our entire team!`The results of the Russian Cup Polo 2003Personal credit (according to the regulation of credit excluded the worst of the six spent stages): 1. A. Makalkin, 302 points (1 win on stage), 2. M Chuvaev, 272 (313), 3. C. Khabarov, 265 (282), 4. O. Petrikov, 262 (281), 5. A. Selivanov, 261 (2 stage victories, 321 points), 6. I. Tomas, 249 (271), 7. I. Bogomolov, 233 (1 stage victory, 265), 8. A. Ulyanov, 232 (1 stage victory), 9. S. Belkin, 231 (251), 10. E. Zelenov, 206 (223), 11. D. Singers,189, 12. A. Smecky, 186 (204), 13. A. Labazov, 174: (total credit received 27 riders)24.09.2003.

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