Lenders will get a superlicense

Lenders will get a superlicense The third pilot Minardi Bass Lenders will be able to participate in the Friday tests his team during the Grand Prix of Malaysia at Sepang.In Melbourne 28-year-old Belgian rider, signed a contract with team Paul Stoddart on the eve of the Grand Prix of Australia, was unable to enter the road from albert Park. The bass lacked the required regulations mileage driving machine f-1 to get the FIA superlicense.On Thursday at the Italian track in Fiorano, Landers conducted an additional test races for Minardi and successfully overcame more than 300 km. enough to FIA gave Lenders the superlicense on performance during the Grand Prix of Formula 1."I am very pleased that we have managed to conduct these tests, although the weather left much to be desired," said Landers. In Fiorano all day we went on a wet road, it was also very cold. In the rest of the session passed without problems. Now I'm looking forward to a trip to Malaysia, where I will officially start working test driver Minardi. helping my team to improve chassis PS04B".12.03.2004.

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