In Moscow will prohibit Parking is free of charge

In Moscow will prohibit Parking is free of charge On the eve of the deputies of the city Duma in the second reading, passed a bill on the introduction of the ban on placing vehicles out of the Parking lots. The document establishes the principles, procedures and rules for the placement of vehicles in the city, and also introduces administrative liability for violating them. According to the head of the Department of transport and communications of the city Paul Zlatin, the law, if adopted, would take effect from 1 January 2006. From 1 January 2007. will be levied administrative fines.Under the bill, all city Parking will be paid. The fee will depend on the location of the sites, services and works. Free is the placement of vehicles on city Parking near the buildings of state authorities of the city and local governments, as well as social facilities. For certain categories of citizens in the future the law will provide benefits. The draft law establishes General requirements for Parking and responsibility for violation of the rules. Parking outside Parking on the territory of Moscow will entail imposition of penalty in the amount of 10 minimum wages. For violation of the rules of payment for accommodation transport stops a penalty in the amount of 5 times the minimum wage. MPs will return to work on the bill in 2 months.Amendments to the draft law in preparation for the second reading referred to the list of city parks, which will allow free placement of vehicles. The bill in the first reading suggested free Parking in the interest of public authorities, when social values or sites, organized on the roads. Under the bill, adopted second reading, free accommodation is possible only on Parking near the building of bodies of state power and social facilities. In addition, the increased size of the fine - previously it was proposed to impose a fine for Parking the car outside Parking in the amount of 5 times the minimum wage, on second reading - 10 times the minimum wage. The penalty for violation of the rules of payment for accommodation transport on the paid Parking has remained at the same level - 5 times the minimum wage.Interestingly, the bill deputies posing as a Federal - "On amending the code of the Russian Federation on administrative offences". According to representatives of the Moscow city Council the adoption of this law will help improve the environment."Most of the major highways cities of Russia, Moscow in particular, came to limit its bandwidth, so any car parked on the roadway, reduces traffic by at least 10-15%. In turn, reduce the speed of vehicles leads to the fact that cars a long time working at idle, is forced to work their engines. As a result, the emission of pollutants is increasing dramatically," says in an interview with RBC daily, the Chairman of the Commission on environmental policy MHD Vera Stepanenko.Interestingly, the project according to Century Stepanenko provides for increased fines for improper Parking with 0.5-1 MW 25 times! In addition, it is planned to expand the list of cases of evacuation to a car pound. If today is the evacuation of the car, preventing the movement or parked in the tunnel, under the new rules, the car can be evacuated if they are left on the drive way, on sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, locations of traffic stops of persons with disabilities and other22.01.2005.

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