Rolls-Royce EX100

Rolls-Royce EX100 In Geneva, Rolls-Royce unveiled its new promising development - convertible called EX100, which is built on the basis of the new Phantom saloon. The length of the Rolls-Royce EX100 is 5670 mm, which will allow you to put in the cabin, four comfortable chairs. In addition, it is worth noting that car door open towards each other, thus greatly facilitating the planting ago.Of great interest and power unit. If the Phantom is equipped with a 6.75 litre V12 engine (460 HP), the engine EX100 has a 16-cylinder unit volume of 9.0 liters True power of this engine is not reported in the company of Rolls-Royce in such cases it is usually said that `power is enough`.Rolls-Royce EX100 in production will not go, but most likely, serial cabriolet will look something like this concept.04.03.2004.

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