Subaru has unveiled the new Legacy

Subaru has unveiled the new Legacy Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., which makes Subaru cars, has announced the release of a new generation of the Legacy, which will be released in versions of the sedan and wagon. The first car will be on sale on June 23.New Legacy, when there are many elements of the original previous generation has its own distinct character and different sporting and dynamic silhouette. The bottom of the machine is made more smooth. Good aerodynamics of the car requires a high efficiency, stable and quiet ride. Also the behavior of the car on the road is greatly improved due to the low center of gravity and symmetrical AWD.The car will appear in seven new colours - white Satin White, white Arctic White, bluish-gray Pearl, silver Р’rilliant Silver, black Obsidian Black, garnet Garnet Red, blue, Legal size, Blue and blue Atlantic Blue)Interior design combines the finishing materials of high quality, comfort and functionality. Audio and air conditioning is given in the centre of the dashboard for the convenience of the driver and front passenger. Seat made of polyurethane foam and is equipped with rollers for the back.The engines were upgraded to reduce emissions and greater efficiency. Electronic throttle control makes the engine very sensitive to pressing the gas pedal. For turbine was used lightweight titanium alloy. System control valves Active Valve Control System (AVCS) optimizes the time the intake and exhaust valves in accordance with the revs.Automatic transmission was also significantly improved. The model with the turbo diesel engine will get a new 5-speed automatic box.All models equipped with automatic transmission with Sportshift selector and an electronic device that controls the hydraulics, and thus avoids jerks when shifting gears. All models have a mode Info-ECO to facilitate gear shifting.On the lever the following sequence of modes: P (Parking), R (reverse), N (neutral), and D (forward movement), with the Sportshift lever is perpendicular to it.On versions 2.0 GT 2.0 GT-B, and 2.0 R put tires Bridgestone Potenza RE050A, which provide superb grip in all conditions.2-liter SOHC engine is the first engine of Subaru, which meets the latest requirements of the release of hazardous substances.28.04.2003.

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