New Zealand scientists believe machine silver color of the safest

New Zealand scientists believe machine silver color of the safest Owners of cars, painted in silver color, less risk being involved in a road accident than owners of cars of other colors - this is the conclusion of the specialists of the University of Auckland, New Zealand, the result of a special study.Scientists recommend when buying a car to prefer light colors - white, best silver. The most dangerous color according to researchers - brown, black and green. Accurate explanations from specialists yet, one of the possible reasons - silver paint is very bright and at the same time has the ability to reflect light.However, the authors insist that this is only a preliminary explanation, and to establish the true causes of the obtained results, it is necessary to carry out additional work.During the study, researchers examined the personal files of more than 500 drivers involved in accident, causing death or injury, and the same number of cases of drivers who never gets in an accident. In addition to the color of the cars, the researchers took into account other details the age and gender of the driver, level of education, amount of alcohol in the blood at the time of the accident, pavement condition and age of the car and the speed at the moment of collision.In addition to car owners silver color, lower risk of accident are also owners of white, yellow, gray, red and blue cars. The most dangerous color, according to scientists - brown.20.12.2003.

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