January 1, Vases more expensive

January 1, Vases more expensive AVTOVAZ plans from January to raise the selling prices of their cars on average by 1.1%. More than other more expensive cars "tenth" family and "Samara", the least - "Samara-2".This is the information from the lobbies of the plant. Official statements on this matter AVTOVAZ has not yet been done.This year it four times increased the selling price of machines: for the first time on 31 March (until then kept it 9 months) at an average rate of 3.2 per cent, then in early may (average of 1.47%), again June 10 (1.9%) and the last time July 15 (1.5%). The average factory prices on Vases during this time grew by 8.3%.The cheapest remains "five", which plant is now almost 100 thousand rubles. "Seven" released in about 107-113 thousand (optional), conventional Niva almost over 155 thousand, extra long by about 50 thousand rubles more expensive."Samara" stand for dealers 150-170 thousand (depending on model and configuration), auto "tenth" family 177-200 thousand, "Samara-2" on average 165 thousand, minivan, "Hope" about 215 thousand.Dealers usually "cheat" on the "Okay" from 5 to 20% depending on models. In each city in showrooms this price is a little more correct.10.12.2003.

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