Hyundai may overtake Toyota

Hyundai may overtake Toyota Most automotive companies have summed up the sales for the first 6 months of this year in Russia. The leader remains the same - Toyota. However, the competition between brands is growing.So, in the first half of the leader on the Russian market still remains the company Toyota. This company was sold in Russia 19 404 of the car, which is 120% more than in the same period last year. However, in 2003, Toyota was the undisputed leader, but now she has a hard time.The fact that in recent time buyers actively began to buy cars Hyundai. This is largely due to the fact that TagAZ increased production model, and buy this model became a little bit easier. If in the first half of 2003 were sold 2590 Accent (7th place among all the cars), but now the Accent was released on the third place - 8409 cars! Also in the `top ten` most popular model is Hyundai Getz - 4548 machines (for comparison, in the first half of 2003 this figure was 1408 pieces). All in all, the Korean Hyundai sold on the Russian market 18 217 cars is 219% more than in the same period last year. So with high probability we can assume that Hyundai in December 2004 will be able to announce the release of the leading position among foreign companies.In third place, while Ford (16 574 machine). The bulk of sales are, of course, Vsevolozhskiy Focus, which still stand in the queues in a few months. In the Focus is now the most popular foreign car in Russia (12 037 machines), but also representatives of Ford is also not necessary to relax in the back of them breathes Daewoo Nexia (10 987 pieces). Thanks Nexia and Matiz Daewoo managed to take fourth place in the Russian market.These companies are such companies as Mitsubishi (12 208), Nissan (10 319), Kia (9 895), Renault (7 311), Opel (5 123) and Peugeot (4 223). It is worth noting that the previous market leaders Skoda and Volkswagen not even in the top ten. So, the `folk` Volkswagen sold in Russia 3909 cars (Skoda has not yet published the official sales data, but most likely they will be quite disappointing).Traditional interest between two manufacturers of the most prestigious car brands. We are talking about Mercedes and BMW. The Bavarians still ahead, the company implemented a 2 330 cars that 41.7% more than in the same period last year. But Mercedes has sold 1 944 car. This is 43% more than in the first 6 months of 2003. However, you should give that a Mercedes S-class sold much better than the BMW 7-series (580 pieces against 255, respectively).The most popular brand for the first 6 months of 2004 Toyota::.. 19 404Hyundai:: 18 217Ford:::.. 16 574Daewoo:: 15 953Mitsubishi...12 208Nissan::.. 10 319Kia:::.... 9 895Renault:.. 7 311Opel:::.. 5 123Peugeot:. 4 223The most popular model for the first 6 months of 2004Ford Focus::::.. 12 037Daewoo Nexia:::. 10 987Hyundai Accent::. 8 409Mitsubishi Lancer:: 6 861Touoya Corolla::: 5 39021.07.2004.

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