The Kleemann cars were "winged"

The Kleemann cars were German tuning Studio Kleemann proudly presents the new "winged" doors for Roadster Mercedes-Benz SL. The original hydraulic mechanism allows to make the process of opening and closing doors fully automatic.Unlike similar doors from other manufacturers, which is simple mechanisms using a gas spring, a two-axis design with hydraulic drive from Kleemann is closely integrated with electronics. As a result, the passenger or the driver simply "pull the handle". Electronics instantly sends a signal to the processor, which in turn drives the hydraulic mechanism of opening/closing the door.The whole process takes only 10 seconds. According to the algorithm of the opening/closing door first translational moves away from the body 80 mm, and then along the arc rises up and forward, opening wide opening for embarkation/disembarkation. The closure is in the reverse order: first arc smoothly down, and then inside the doorway. Representatives Kleemann argue that the installation of such a mechanism of the door opening does not affect the rigidity and passive safety of the vehicle.01.03.2005.

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