LuAZ in January 2003. gathered 531 car - Hire

LuAZ in January 2003. gathered 531 car - HireUkrainian JSC Lutsk automobile plant (LUAZ) in January 2003. gathered 505 VAZ, 20 UAZ and 6 KIA, reports UIF. As noted by the company, less than half of the monthly plan. At the same time, according to the press service, the branches of the Ukrainian automobile holding lack of production of LUAZ.In this regard, the leadership group has made appropriate adjustments in the work schedule of the plant. Already in February, with the main line, is expected to go more than 1.4 thousand cars of different models. Thus, noted the company, the plant expects to reduce the backlog in January and to reach a positive result in the first quarter.JSC Lutsk automobile plant produces cars model number VAZ: VAZ-21043, VAZ-21073, VAZ-21093, VAZ-21099, VAZ-21213; model number LUAZ: - LUAZ 13024 4x4 (passenger), LUAZ 13021-04 4x4 (truck), LUAZ 13021 4x4 (truck), LUAZ 13021-08 4x4 (ambulance), LUAZ 13021-05 4x4; model number UAZ: UAZ 310 4x4 UAZ 31514 4x4 UAZ 3909 "Farmer" 4x4, 4x4 UAZ 3962 (ambulance), UAZ 2206 (passenger). Only in 2002. it was released 13 thousand cars VAZ. 81,11% of the shares owned by JSC "Ukrprominvest".24.02.2003.

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