Brabus did A-class

Brabus did A-class Immediately after receipt of the new Mercedes A-Class on sale, the tuning house BRABUS has introduced a refinement of the engine and suspension, body kits and modification of the interior. Aerodynamic package for BRABUS A-Class gives the car a sporty and elegance. All parts of the body kit is made of high quality polyurethane. The stylish wide spoiler front bumper has a built-lanterns, and between them there is a huge air intake, contributing to additional cooling of the brakes. Side spoilers aerodynamic skirts BRABUS create the illusion of a sporty and understated body. In the rapids has 4 bulbs that illuminate the small space around doors and light up when the doors open. Читать полностью -->

New York: Ford Mustang GT-R

New York: Ford Mustang GT-R Ford is celebrating the 40th anniversary model Mustang, which prepared the debut model Mustang GT-R at the motor show in new York.`We just took the engine from the Ford Racing catalog and used the best components, while maintaining the philosophy of the GT-R`, - say representatives of the Ford. Under the hood of the Ford Mustang GT-R is hiding a 5-liter aluminum V8 engine with two camshafts. Its capacity is 440 HP at 7.000 rpm and maximum torque reaches 542 Nm. Upon client's request, the engine power can be increased to 500 HP Engine segregation with manual 6-speed gearbox, which drives the rear wheels.20-inch wheels hide a powerful brakes with 370 mm discs front and 335mm rear. Themselves rims shod in tires dimension 275/35 front and 315/30 - back.Exterior Ford Mustang GT-R has enhanced wings, carbon fiber hood with air intakes, rear diffuser and vpechatlyayuschim wing. Exhaust pipe displayed on the rear wings, front wheels.Ford Mustang GT-R unfortunately remains a dream. Читать полностью -->

The production of cars in Russia is growing

The production of cars in Russia is growing Production of cars in Russia for the first nine months of 2004 grew by 12.6 percent compared with 2003 and amounted to $ 839 000 pieces. With leadership, as before, belongs to the Volga automobile plant. Since the beginning of the year AVTOVAZ has released 538 280 vehicles, which is a 4.4-percent more than the year before. Enterprises foreign Assembly plant sent 197 550 kits, which is 45 percent higher than the 2003 rate.The second place by the volume of production is the Izhevsk automobile plant, which from the beginning of the year has released 85 073 car which is 17.9% more than the previous year. Of these, about half are models of vases, and the remainder of the cars "Iz". Third place traditionally holds the Gorky automobile plant, issued in the first nine months of 2004 55 185 hire models "Volga", which is 30.5 percent more than in 2003. Читать полностью -->

The Vatican creates Parking on archaeological treasures

The Vatican creates Parking on archaeological treasures The construction of Parking facilities at the Vatican came across stiff resistance on the part of archaeologists. As soon as the bulldozers began to prepare the site, they stumbled upon an ancient burial place of the Emperor Nero. The leadership of the Vatican allowed the archaeologists only superficially acquainted with the burials. Professor Andrea Carandini, who conducted many excavations in Italy requires a work stoppage. `We found items that have great historical value, " he said Carandini. - `This is the tomb of one of the wives of Nero, and his inner circle`.But the Vatican adamant. Читать полностью -->

Details about Volkswagen Touran

Details about Volkswagen Touran The Volkswagen Touran is the first compact MPV from Volkswagen, built on the platform of the fifth generation VW Golf. The car, which production will begin in the spring, will have a length 4,39 m, width 1,79 m and a height of 1.63m. The basic version will receive a five-passenger cabin, but optionally, you can order additional seat and turn in the seven-seater compact MPV. Three are placed next to each other the lungs of the individual seats in the second row by several movements can be shifted or moved, to fold or dismantle. Third, additional row seats, retracts into the floor. Depending on the configuration in the Touran has up to 39 stowage drawers and shelves. Читать полностью -->

Access to the centre of Moscow on 9 may be free

Access to the centre of Moscow on 9 may be free Moscow authorities will not overlap the center of the city on may 9, Yuriy Luzhkov said channel TVC. "Some zealous politicians the necessary preparations for the holiday exaggerated to the point that Muscovites will be better to leave the city. Nonsense and absurdity, no special passes we don't plan," said the mayor.According to Luzhkov, special security mode will only work on the red square. And access to all the way to the most famous sites of the capital - including Poklonnaya Gora, on Tverskaya street, on the square near the Bolshoi theater - for Muscovites and visitors will be opened."We will do so in Moscow that the holidays were an event, a great event, good event, and to every Muscovite could safely and freely to celebrate this feast," lead site promise Luzhkov.According to the radio station "Echo of Moscow", April 20, Moscow will begin to prepare for the celebration of the Victory Day. In the city hang flags, banners, posters. It is expected that in the coming days in Moscow will be more than a hundred decorative designs and about 200 kilometers elektrogirlyand.The city authorities promised new way to decorate and Red square: the rostrum, which will sit veterans, drape panels colors of the Russian flag, and opposite the main grandstand will build a hundred-meter the scene.In addition, it is planned that over the Manege square will fly a balloon with a flag of Victory, and the monument to Marshal Zhukov on the facade of the Historical Museum will place the portraits of generals who have led our country to victory.21.04.2005. Читать полностью -->

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