The SCC has increased the number of posts, issuing on the temporary importation of vehicles

The SCC has increased the number of posts, issuing on the temporary importation of vehicles The state customs Committee of Russia has increased the number of authorized customs authorities to conduct registration and certificates of importation of the vehicle (PBX) temporarily imported into the Russian Federation by natural persons registered in other countries, including the Republic of Belarus.According to the press service of the state customs Committee, in Moscow and Moscow region authorized by the customs authority to carry out registration and registration PBX is buttowski customs post of Moscow Western customs is located at the address: , Moscow, street 6th Radial, Vlad.1.In addition, there are other posts holding registration and PBX: the Soviet customs post Bryansk customs (241000, , Bryansk, Ul. Popov, D. 1); Zadneprovsky customs post of Smolensk customs (214032, , Smolensk, St. Lavochkin, 105); Artificial customs post Velikie Luki customs (182100, Pskov region, city of Velikie Luki, Ul. dammed, D. 1); Sebezh customs (182250, Pskov region, city of Sebezh, Ul. Читать полностью -->

VW Golf V: in Russia from 19.630 $

VW Golf V: in Russia from 19.630 $ Yesterday in Moscow launched the fifth generation of trendsetter in the segment - Volkswagen Golf V.The exterior of the car, despite the evolutionary changes in design, has become much more dynamic than its predecessors. In addition, the car clearly wants to seem `more Mature`. And he succeeds. Headlights and taillights in the style of the Phaeton, the largest space in the cabin, expensive fabrics and even separate air conditioning (extra charge). Despite the fact that the price of the car increased, perhaps Volkswagen Golf V just set new standards for the class.Head of division of Volkswagen in Russia Vladimir Kachalov stated that the design of the Volkswagen Golf V fully `protected from forgery. Innovation became dosonly climate control, modular door design (allows you to save on repair - door changing not completely), gearbox DSG, new suspension, two step power brakes and the most rigid in the class body.In 2004 Volkswagen Golf will be available with three engines: a well-known `vosmiklasnikom` displacement of 1.6 liters and two turbodaily a volume of 1.9 liters and 2 liters. Читать полностью -->

Americans say `no` Hummer

Americans say `no` Hummer According to many environmentalists, the Hummer cause health damage, comparable to the harm from cigarettes. In addition, the company accused of its products is the cause of global warming and childhood asthma. Therefore, activists, environmentalists organize a protest with the aim to ban the popular brand advertising on television and radio. Meetings will be hold across the country: Washington, San Francisco, new York, Minneapolis, Philadelphia and even ten major cities. Action has already been named a "national day of protest against the Hummer," according to that this is not the first statement of the American defenders of nature against the jeep a month ago, a group of activists from the environmental organization "Earth liberation Front" burned in the Parking lot of 40 brand new Hummer H2.15.11.2003. . Читать полностью -->

The most powerful engine will now be at McLaren?

The most powerful engine will now be at McLaren? The Creator of the BMW engines works on MercedesThe company Ilmor-Mercedes supplying engines to McLaren, is preparing a new engine, which will soon have to appear on the MP4-18. According to information from Bild, the new engine will be rolled out to 19700 rpm and to develop a capacity in excess of 930 HPThe new engine is being developed under the leadership of Werner Lawrence, until the autumn of last year he led the development of the BMW engines for Williams. Currently, the BMW engine is the most powerful in Formula 1, respectively, the experience of Lawrence will allow those to become and the engine under the brand Ilmor-Mercedes.16.03.2003. . . . Читать полностью -->

Lupo got into the Guinness book of world records

Lupo got into the Guinness book of world records Serial Volkswagen Lupo 3L TDI is recognized as the most economical car of today. Average fuel consumption 2,78 liters per 100 kilometers he showed on the route 4683 km, which was done in early November, the Austrian journalist and expert on the marathon long-distance Gerhard Plattner.His record route enthusiasts laid mainly to Northern Europe, starting in Oslo (Norway) and finishing at Til-Den Haag (the Netherlands). At first, they set a goal to limit the overall fuel costs by EUR 100, but in the end was within 90,94€!This is not the first mileage enthusiasts Champions. In August of this year they made a run at 3129 kilometers in 15 European countries by car Polo TDI and showed then the result of 3.95 liters per 100 kilometers and 90,89 Euro total fuel costs.In both cases, motorists didn't restrain myself in speed. Model Polo she averaged 81,69 km/h and during the last route on the Lupo - 80,76 km/h. Both mileage was controlled by independent experts, which confirmed the results achieved.20.11.2003. Читать полностью -->

JSC AVTOVAZ intends in 2005-2006. to start production of the Roadster

JSC AVTOVAZ intends in 2005-2006. to start production of the Roadster During the formation of OJSC "AVTOVAZ" business units pilot production is planned to be allocated in an independent unit, which will deal with the issue of special cars and small series. As the press-center of the plant, in its programme and production models like the Roadster. Tentatively, this will not occur until 2005-2006, after development model "Kalina".In addition, in accordance with the order of about mastering the production of classic vehicles with distributed injection until the end of 2003. will made an experimental batch - about 3 thousand cars for the development of the technology, assessment of demand, price positioning. However, the project car class D is not in main.AvtoVAZ is developing a new vehicle class, which should replace the family 2110. Читать полностью -->

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