Paris-Dakar. For Nissan lost race

Paris-Dakar. For Nissan lost race Yesterday's stage Atar-Tidjikja put an end to the hopes of the Nissan team to achieve the Dakar 2004 any decent result.Her last remaining in the leading group pilot Colin McRae lost a few hours due to a broken transmission and rolls into the end of the first ten.Trouble at McRae began less than a hundred kilometers before the finish, when his car refused rear-wheel drive. Then the car could not go, and Colin had to wait for the help of his partner in the team of Inele de Villiers, who dragged Scot to finish."It was a terrible day and he completely ruined my debut Dakar, - sighed after the finish McRae. Machine didn't want to go with the drive to one axle, so I just had to sit and wait for help from de Villiers. Thank you Inelu he dragged me to the finish line, and I, at least, can continue to race on.". . Читать полностью -->

"AvtoVAZ" in 2003. plans to put an additional 4 thousand kits car Assembly enterprises of Ukraine

JSC "AVTOVAZ" in 2003. plans to put an additional 4 thousand kits car Assembly enterprises of Ukraine, informed the press-center of the Volga automobile plant. The increase was primarily due to the introduction in Ukraine of quotas for the supply of ready Russian cars with engine capacity of 1-1,5 litres - 15 777 thousand cars a year. Previously Volzhsky automobile plant was planned to be delivered in 2003. Ukrainian car Assembly enterprises 30 thousand kits.In Zaporizhia automobile building plant ("AvtoZAZ") through concern "Ukrprominvest", which is the General importer of OJSC "AVTOVAZ" in Ukraine, will start delivering kits VAZ-21093 and VAZ-21099. In the second half of 2003. Читать полностью -->

GAIA presented lithium ion battery

GAIA presented lithium ion battery GAIA has presented the prototype of a new 12-volt battery, with a life span of much more than ordinary. The prototype twice and a half times heavier than a normal battery, but lithium-ion polymer technology helps to extend the life of the battery several times. Representatives of GAIA declare that to the car manufacturers first lithium-ion batteries will arrive later this year.Source:23.06.2003. . . . Читать полностью -->

Revoked 30 thousand Jaguar X-Type

Revoked 30 thousand Jaguar X-Type Jaguar had to withdraw 30.000 Jaguar X-Type. The problem is in the sensor, a knob on the dashboard, which can burn even when the turn signal is not working. A company representative said that drivers may not even know about the defect, because the light panel when turned on will burn regardless lights turn signal indicator or not`. The revocation shall be subject to all the cars X-Type, collected prior to October 2002, reports AutoExpress.31.03.2003. . . Читать полностью -->

City hall will close `ZIL` for $ 400 million

City hall will close `ZIL` for $ 400 million In the near future, the management of the Moscow factory `ZIL` will be transferred to a company controlled by Moscow businessman Grigory Luchansky, which plans to build on its territory world's largest office complex. New century construction will cost investors at least $ 400 millionYesterday the mayor of Moscow held a meeting about the construction in Nagatinsky floodplain, where the plant is located `ZIL` so-called `Moscow hyperinsulemia` the world's largest office complex for small and medium businesses. The centre for investment projects and programs of the famed Moscow businessman Grigory Luchansky, estimates the project cost about $ 400 million. However, in reality the costs of implementing the new Moscow `building of the century` can be much higher, some experts even predict that they may exceed a billion dollars. And it is not obvious that built office space will be in demand.At the end of this week the annual Board of Directors `ZIL` should take the decision to transfer management of the plant management company `the Moscow automobile company` (MAC). The founder of the MAC is the Center of investment projects and programs owned by Grigory Luchansky. Читать полностью -->

Subaru began selling the updated Impreza

Subaru began selling the updated Impreza Japanese Subaru dealers have started to accept orders for the updated Impreza. The price of the car and the start of European sales are not reported. The appearance of new job designer Alfa Romeo Andreas Zapatinas. The updated Subaru Impreza will be held in autumn in Frankfurt. //Autoindex16.06.2005. . Читать полностью -->

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