Subaru B11S: Gran Turismo from Japan

Subaru B11S: Gran Turismo from Japan This 4-seater coupe reflects a new direction in the design of Subaru cars. The reason for the change of traditions was the change of the Vice-President of the Department of planning and preparation of the company's portfolio, when in this position for the first time in the history of the automobile came the designer, Kiyoshi Sugimoto, and B11S is the first car built under his leadership. Sugimoto also became a Director of the design Department. Subaru B11S was developed by the design Department in collaboration with the Spanish design Studio Fuore Design International.The whole concept of the machine involves the comparison to its a small plane as the front part and hinged doors (like the Mazda RX8), which make access to the rear seats more comfortable. Developed specially for this car frosted glass roof roof gives the feeling of open top, as in a convertible, and makes the interior very bright.In contrast with pearl body, the salon is decorated in blue. Inside this small machine is large enough for four adults, and the rear seats fold and form a convenient Luggage compartment.Under the hood B11S installed a new 6-cylinder engine, which is still listed as experimental. Читать полностью -->

Lamborghini will release a version of the outdoor Murcelago

Lamborghini will release a version of the outdoor Murcelago At the North American auto show of the Italian Lamborghini unveiled an unusual concept, which resembled Murcelago without a roof. The concept car had no name and many thought it was just a show car that the company has prepared its 40-year anniversary. However, almost immediately after the show, Lamborghini revealed that this car from now on we should call Lambirghini Murcelago Barchetta. The novelty will be a serial in the next year.Murcelago Barchetta - looks more squat and more aggressive than himself Murcelago. Due to the fact that the car has lost the roof (it retracts back, as if covering a hood) had to increase the rigidity of the body at the expense of frame tubes.In the movement of the car is V-shaped 12-cylinder, engine displacement of 6.2 liters and output of 580 HP and Maximum torque of 650 Nm. The engine, according to tradition, is located in the rear and the drive is to all four wheels. Читать полностью -->

The C-MAX replenishment

The C-MAX replenishment Following the premiere at the Geneva motor show published detailed information about changes in the lineup of Ford Focus C-MAX.Fans of fast driving is addressed to a 145-horsepower 2-liter gasoline engine that was previously used on larger Mondeo. With the new power plant compact MPV is accelerated from zero to "hundreds" for 9.8 s, and the maximum speed is 205 km/H.The second novelty will only affect those who prefer diesel engines. Paired with a 109-horsepower 1.6 TDCi turbodiesel now available for the continuously variable V-belt variator Durashift CVT, developed by ZF. Having electronic control he is able not only to smoothly change the gear ratio, but also offers the driver to use pseudosecondary mode switch when the gear ratio is rigidly fixed and switched only at the command of the driver.22.03.2004. . . Читать полностью -->

Pilots team Sauber in Malaysia

Pilots team Sauber in Malaysia Since the Grand Prix of Malaysia exists in the calendar of the world championship Formula 1 pilots and the management team Sauber invariably come in Kuala Lumpur earlier representatives of other teams.Swiss barn maintains close ties with companies in Malaysia, and the local oil giant Petronas is one of the main sponsors of the stables Peter Sauber. Therefore, Sauber and his pilots in Malaysia each time with a varied and rich program sponsorship opportunities.This time Giancarlo Fisichella and Felipe Massa paid a visit to the factory Petronas in Bintulu, visited the ethnographic tourist complex is a village in Sarawak, where he met with local school children, visited several colleges.But the main highlight of this year was demonstration rides Sauber cars through the streets of the capital of the Malaysian state of Sarawak - the city of Cushing, located on the island of Borneo. Interest in Formula 1 in Malaysia is so great that the show has gathered 120,000 spectators.Felipe Massa, in 2002, played for team Sauber has already participated in any such advertising companies in Malaysia. "But this time it was different, because we went in a completely different area of the country on the island of Borneo, said Felipe. This year we met mostly with children. We were able to give them something that will not buy not for any money - unforgettable memories of meetings with Formula 1."I just came to Sauber, and for me this is the first experience of the advertising company Petronas in Malaysia," said Giancarlo Fisichella. Читать полностью -->

The cops brought the Estonian government until his resignation

The cops brought the Estonian government until his resignation The Estonian government on the verge of resignation. Party Res Publica, which constitutes together with the National Union and Reformist party of the ruling coalition split. The public and the media, demanding the resignation of the Minister of justice of Estonia Ken-Marty vechera - for violation of traffic rules.Ken-Marti Vaher driving your own car exceeded the speed. The traffic police stopped the intruder, was the Protocol, after which the Minister has paid a fine. In uneventful political life of the Republic of the fall of man the chief overseer of legality was the newspaper news. And then it turned out that, according to the police Department for the last six years, Ken-Marti Vaher 24 times, was fined for violating traffic rules. Читать полностью -->

Automobile plant "Ural" has started production of the most powerful truck in the world

Automobile plant Automobile plant "Ural" has released the most powerful ever created here truck - Ural 63655" lifting capacity of 25 tons and wheel formula-8X4."In the manufacture of powerful machines used units and units of Russian and foreign production, which technical characteristics meet modern European standards", - said the General Director of the company Victor Corman.The truck is equipped with a turbocharged diesel engine Yaroslavl motor plant with a capacity of 400 horsepower. The scope of the platform, manufactured by KAMAZ engineering plant, 16 cubic meters. Such a powerful truck speeds up to 100 kilometers per hour and is able to overcome the rise angle of 47 degrees. Despite its impressive dimensions and excellent power, the machine is easy to manage and feature a comfortable driver's cabin, according to ITAR-TASS.These machines are designed on a modular basis, allowing the customer to equip their units and aggregates of other domestic and foreign manufacturers. Automobile plant "Ural" has started small-scale Assembly of new products and intends to dispose of about 150 truckloads. The first copy sent to Kiev at the international automobile salon.24.05.2005. Читать полностью -->

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