Rolls-Royce EX100

Rolls-Royce EX100 In Geneva, Rolls-Royce unveiled its new promising development - convertible called EX100, which is built on the basis of the new Phantom saloon. The length of the Rolls-Royce EX100 is 5670 mm, which will allow you to put in the cabin, four comfortable chairs. In addition, it is worth noting that car door open towards each other, thus greatly facilitating the planting ago.Of great interest and power unit. If the Phantom is equipped with a 6.75 litre V12 engine (460 HP), the engine EX100 has a 16-cylinder unit volume of 9.0 liters True power of this engine is not reported in the company of Rolls-Royce in such cases it is usually said that `power is enough`.Rolls-Royce EX100 in production will not go, but most likely, serial cabriolet will look something like this concept.04.03.2004. . . Читать полностью -->

Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale For non-conformists

Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale For non-conformists Began preparations for Geneva 2003: Ferrari will present the `road` version of the 360 Challenge, which is still produced in Maranello to participate in the Cup races. The same all-aluminium V-shaped 3.6-liter 40-valve `eight` develops 400 HP with 8 500 min-1 and 38 KGM at 4 750 min-1. The connecting rods are made of titanium alloy and other bells and whistles hi-tech.But the thing is different: the supporting structure and body panels of the Challenge Stradale is made of aluminum alloy, so that the curb weight of the car is reduced from 1 390 kg (Modena) to 1 170 kg! The reinforced brakes: front ventilated 355 mm discs, rear 330 mm.From a standstill to 100 km/h conversion Challenge Stradale accelerates for 4 sec. Price super sport coupe is calculated from 182 thousand dollars; the machine is equipped with the same safety and comfortable, and Modena. But if you like, she works for a circuit race. By 2005 it is expected radical replacement model 360.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Related links:For 300Ferrari, Enzo FerrariBaby LamboMirage in 1001 HP23.01.2003. Читать полностью -->

In Moscow will prohibit Parking is free of charge

In Moscow will prohibit Parking is free of charge On the eve of the deputies of the city Duma in the second reading, passed a bill on the introduction of the ban on placing vehicles out of the Parking lots. The document establishes the principles, procedures and rules for the placement of vehicles in the city, and also introduces administrative liability for violating them. According to the head of the Department of transport and communications of the city Paul Zlatin, the law, if adopted, would take effect from 1 January 2006. From 1 January 2007. will be levied administrative fines.Under the bill, all city Parking will be paid. The fee will depend on the location of the sites, services and works. Читать полностью -->

The transport Ministry has restricted the movement of trucks on the spring

The transport Ministry has restricted the movement of trucks on the spring From March 25 to may 15, 2003, the state road service of the economy Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation "Rosavtodor" imposes on the Federal roads temporary restrictions of the movement of heavy vehicles. Restrictions provided by the Ministry of transport of Russia ?4 January 24, 2003 "On the organization of movement transoprt on Federal roads in the spring of 2003. Restrictions will not apply to vehicles carrying passengers, food, medicines, fuel, seed Fund and mail car tools. For them, there are free easy pass issued by the appropriate agencies of the Ministry of transport. Reports Газета.RU.09.03.2003. . Читать полностью -->

Volkswagen has announced the updated generation minivan Multivan

Volkswagen has announced the updated generation minivan Multivan The German company Volkswagen has announced the updated generation full-size minivan VW Multivan built now on a completely new platform T5. This platform, in a modernized form, is also used in the line of commercial vehicles of Volkswagen.Updated VW Multivan is quite different from its predecessor - as the body design and interior design. The exterior of the car has undergone a major update and now looks more modern and the front part of the body resembles the design of the VW Phaeton and the VW Touareg. And this is no accident - updated minivan now positioned as the car class `Suite`, falling thereby into the group of so-called premium models, which already includes VW VW Phaeton and Touareg. A sedan VW Multivan has grown in length by almost nine inches, so that its dimensions are now 4,89-meter in length and 1,91-feet wide.A thorough modernization has been and beauty news. It has new, higher-quality materials; the front panel has received a new design, and the interior now has even more opportunities for modernization, thanks to the advent of special runners in the floor of the car, which you can move the rear seats, by varying the configuration of the passenger side of the car.For the updated VW Multivan there are two petrol engines, with a capacity of 115 and 230 horsepower, and two turbo diesel engine, with a capacity of 104 and 174 horsepower, respectively. Читать полностью -->

Ford is preparing a 350-horsepower Ford Focus RS

Ford is preparing a 350-horsepower Ford Focus RS British magazine Autocar this week reported that Ford is thinking about the possibility of serial production of the most powerful versions of the model a Ford Focus in its history. As expected, it will be all-wheel drive hatchback Ford Focus RS, which will receive the latest six-cylinder turbo engine, and which will appear on the market only in 2007.Information about this vehicle did not appear by chance - Volvo currently, she is creating a new six-cylinder petrol engine, which will be available in naturally-aspirated and supercharged version. This 3.2-liter unit in the basic version will have a capacity of 235 horsepower, while the turbo version of its volume is three liters, and power - 285 horsepower. The engine is equipped with a system of change of phases, and, if desired, can easily be boosted to 350 horsepower - that is the version you plan to install next Ford Focus RS.In addition, the novelty will receive the much-anticipated all-wheel drive system that will allow it to compete with the Subaru Impreza WRX Sti and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX. However, on the way to such a powerful version of the Ford Focus specialists waiting for a few difficulties. The main of them is the absence in the lineup of Ford manual transmission, is able to "digest" the huge torque, issued a new turbo.08.06.2005. Читать полностью -->

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