Lenders will get a superlicense

Lenders will get a superlicense The third pilot Minardi Bass Lenders will be able to participate in the Friday tests his team during the Grand Prix of Malaysia at Sepang.In Melbourne 28-year-old Belgian rider, signed a contract with team Paul Stoddart on the eve of the Grand Prix of Australia, was unable to enter the road from albert Park. The bass lacked the required regulations mileage driving machine f-1 to get the FIA superlicense.On Thursday at the Italian track in Fiorano, Landers conducted an additional test races for Minardi and successfully overcame more than 300 km. enough to FIA gave Lenders the superlicense on performance during the Grand Prix of Formula 1."I am very pleased that we have managed to conduct these tests, although the weather left much to be desired," said Landers. In Fiorano all day we went on a wet road, it was also very cold. In the rest of the session passed without problems. Now I'm looking forward to a trip to Malaysia, where I will officially start working test driver Minardi. Читать полностью -->

In early December, Fiat will show compact SUV

In early December, Fiat will show compact SUV Fiat has planned to premiere a new experimental car - compact SUV Fiat Simba, at the motor show in Bologna, which opens on 7 December of the current year. However, the main feature of the future novelty is that this car is built on a new compact platform, which next year will be used to build Fiat Panda/Seicento new generation.It is also worth noting that for non-standard appearance conceptual SUV Fiat Simba lies almost production-ready compact sedan, which will also be used for serial versions of the Fiat Panda/Seicento. Unusual new design can be called the design of the rear line of the side Windows and front lighting, which has already become a hallmark of all new Fiat models.Himself a pilot SUV Simba, received a standard set of styles for a car of this class - powerful wheels, high ground clearance, bumper guard, front, protective plastic apron on the sides of the body and securing of the cargo and the spare wheel on the roof. This car turned out to be quite compact - its length is slightly greater than 3600 mm However, despite using almost standard units, in the production of this car is unlikely that demand for cars in this class cannot be sufficiently high.lenta.ru28.11.2002. . . Читать полностью -->

"Yukos-motorcycling has become a leader in Motocross in the RF

Moscow team "Yukos-Motorsport has won the most medals at the first stage of the Russian Cup Motocross, which was held on Saturday in Moscow, at the stadium sports "Krylatskoe".One of the most promising riders Russia, who plays for one of the commands of the French championship, 18-year-old Dmitry Parshin in class 250 cm cube won a silver medal. The gold went to Penza crossmenu Maxim Lebedev /club "Sura"/. It should be noted that Parshin left for today's race after a double fracture of the clavicle with a metal plate in his shoulder. Third place was taken by a racer from St. Petersburg Dmitry Moiseev /club "Cross"/.Class 125 cu cm victory was celebrated by the Muscovite Alexander Epanutin /"Yukos-Motorsport/, the second place was occupied racer from Nefteugansk Gennady Sevostianov /yuganskaya-Master-Yukos"/ third finished Vitaliy Gusev from Maykop /club Brig/.Class 85 cu cm, which are the beginners and the young racers /15 years/ won by Sergey Astanin /club "Sura"/ from Penza, the silver medal went to the Muscovite Alexei Zubov /"Yukos-Motorsport/ third finished the St. Andrew Strapon /club Nevsky Bereg/.Supermotocross is the most dangerous form of motorcycle sport in which there is direct for overclocking. Читать полностью -->

Executive "ten" was crossed with tuning

Executive From tuning the model taken bonnet, bumper, wings, and sweetopia.The new "Premier", as well as former, 175 mm longer than a standard "dozens". Options engine four: 8 - and 16-valve 1.5 l and the same 1.8-liter.VAZ-21108 produces a subsidiary of AVTOVAZ Togliatti "Super-Auto". It exists almost 7 years and have done over this time has more than 2 thousand "Premiers". This machine is considered a luxury car. According to specialists, the VAZ-21108 drives like a manual car, and representatives of government and law enforcement agencies.10.10.2003. . Читать полностью -->

KIA unveiled the new Cerato

KIA unveiled the new Cerato For the presentation of his new `Golf`-class Koreans chose the Motor Show in Brussels.Cerato will replace such models as Mentor and Shuma. The size of the car a little superior to the Ford Focus, but it has allowed Korean engineers to make beauty machine is the most spacious among all vehicles of this class.On the market of South Korea's KIA Cerato will in mid-2004. The car will be Packed with four engines - two petrol and two diesel. Sales in Europe will start a little later.It is planned that the engine lineup for the Old world will be limited to the 1.6-liter petrol engine with a capacity of 104 HP and 1.5-liter diesel engine power of 101 HP Estimated price Cerato European dealers - $17 . . Читать полностью -->

GM recalls 2 million vehicles

GM recalls 2 million vehicles The General Motors announced the largest recall, under which falls almost two million pickups and SUVs. Most cars were sold in the United States, and all have various defects that may affect the safety of the passengers.In particular, respond 61.594 Buick Lacrosse 2005 release due to incorrect mounting of one of the parts of the brake pedal, causing the pedal can be damaged and not work at the time of braking - which, in turn, will lead to an accident.Also respond 34.186 Buick Rendezvous and Pontiac Aztek 2004 release. In the dirt in relay ignition may occur a failure in the computer, and the vehicle may at any time to stall.Respond 20.701 wagon Saturn L-Series 2002-2004 release, because some of them do not meet safety standards regarding safety belts. Federal regulations state that the fastening of the seat belt to the floor of the vehicle can be disconnected when the load is less. If this happens during a crash, significantly increase the risk of injury from front right and center rear passenger.In addition, under service campaign includes the following pickups: Chevrolet 1500 and GMC 1500 1999-2002 release, Chevrolet 2500 and 3500, GMC 2500 and 3500 2001-2005 release, the total number 142.585 units. The problem here is the Parking brake, the wear which can reach such an extent that it ceases to perform its functions and to ensure the immobility of the vehicle.Also GM recalls Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Avalanche, Silverado, Suburban and Tahoe, GMC Sierra and Yukon 2003-2004 edition and Hummer H2 2004-2005 issue in the amount of 1 million 359 thousand 824 car. Читать полностью -->

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