Lupo got into the Guinness book of world records

Lupo got into the Guinness book of world records Serial Volkswagen Lupo 3L TDI is recognized as the most economical car of today. Average fuel consumption 2,78 liters per 100 kilometers he showed on the route 4683 km, which was done in early November, the Austrian journalist and expert on the marathon long-distance Gerhard Plattner.His record route enthusiasts laid mainly to Northern Europe, starting in Oslo (Norway) and finishing at Til-Den Haag (the Netherlands). At first, they set a goal to limit the overall fuel costs by EUR 100, but in the end was within 90,94€!This is not the first mileage enthusiasts Champions. In August of this year they made a run at 3129 kilometers in 15 European countries by car Polo TDI and showed then the result of 3.95 liters per 100 kilometers and 90,89 Euro total fuel costs.In both cases, motorists didn't restrain myself in speed. Model Polo she averaged 81,69 km/h and during the last route on the Lupo - 80,76 km/h. Both mileage was controlled by independent experts, which confirmed the results achieved.20.11.2003. Читать полностью -->

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