Atelier Pogea Racing/PPI announced a 355-horsepower coupe Audi TT Little-known tuning shop Pogea Racing/PPI announced its own package of improvements coupe Audi TT. The car, developed by the specialists of this company, got its own name PPI R-S TT Coupe and is one of the most extreme versions of the Audi TT, available on the market.Technical filling the car has undergone a fairly major changes. First, the base 1.8-liter engine with 225 horsepower was boosted to 355 horsepower. Capacity increase was achieved by installing a turbocharger from the model RS2, as well as a completely new exhaust system and engine management. The maximum torque of the motor reaches nm. The dynamic characteristics of the vehicle, however, is not yet reported.In addition to the engine, Atelier Pogea Racing/PPI offers its clients, installing a more powerful braking system, based on the components Brembo, and set more stringent and low suspension with manual adjustment of the characteristics of the compression and rebound.The next item is the modification of appearance of the car. Читать полностью -->

Oldsmobile will soon cease to exist

Oldsmobile will soon cease to exist On Friday from the conveyor at the plant Orion Township in Auckland went down last Oldsmobile Aurora. Now all eagerly awaiting the launch of the new Pontiac Grand Am and increase production to 250,000 vehicles. Production of the new Grand Am should begin in mid-2004.Currently the plant Orion Township work in one shift 1.850 people and collect 495 cars a day. With the start of production of the Grand Am will add one, and possibly two, of the change and will be employed about 300 people.Aurora, which had collected at the plant, was to revive the brand Oldsmobile, when in 1994 came the first model with a V8 engine. From the moment it was collected and sold 215.123 machines, including the special series "Final 500".But Oldsmobile brand, founded in 1897, could not save neither Aurora nor other similar cars as Intrigue and Bravada. As soon as you cease production Bravada, Silhouette minivan and compact Alero, Oldsmobile will cease to exist.Representatives of GM did not say, will continue whether the output of the models LeSabre and Park Avenue at the factory in Auckland, reports the Detroit Free Press.31.03.2003. Читать полностью -->

The import of cars in Japan in the first half of the year decreased by 5.8%

The import of cars in Japan in the first half of the year decreased by 5.8% The import of cars in Japan in the first half of the year decreased by 5.8% to 120 thousand 853 cars, according to a news report of the Japanese Association of automobile importers (JAIA).Leading position in the Japanese market of foreign cars keeps Volkswagen, which, despite falling sales by 6.9% to 29 332 thousand cars) owned by more than 21% of the market share of imported cars. Share Mercedes-Benz is 16.5%, while sales of cars of this brand in the Japanese market in the first half of 2003. increased by 5.2% to 22 798 thousand cars.Third place in terms of sales, is the BMW (excluding cars Mini cars), cars which in the first half was implemented by 16 thousand 343 car.Source: AutoNews.ru08.07.2003. . . . Читать полностью -->

Chef BMW became Manager of the year

Chef BMW became Manager of the year The Chairman of the Board of BMW AG Helmut Punk is recognized in Germany Manager of the year.The survey was conducted among thousands of leading entrepreneurs in Germany. Second place went to the head of Porsche AG to Vendelin Wedeking. The third finished the boss Siemens Heinrich von Pierer.Other chapters of German automobile manufacturers, Bernd pikeside from Volkswagen and jГјrgen SRAM from DaimlerChrysler won, respectively, the sixth and seventh places.It is noteworthy that at the last place on the results of the survey were: chief road sector of Germany, the Austrian scientist, D.Sc Mehdorn.24.12.2003. . . . Читать полностью -->

In the UK there is a new anti-radar

In the UK there is a new anti-radar Origin Blue i is positioned on the British market as the most `advanced` anti-radar.The manufacturers claim that this device is not much larger than a pack of cigarettes will save drivers from unnecessary worries, since never gives false alarms. It is installed on the dashboard, and using GPS technology compares the position of the vehicle and cameras monitoring the speed on all roads in England, Wales and Scotland. When approaching the camera it beeps and flashes a warning for speeding. It constantly shows the vehicle speed and the number of tracks.Built-in modem allows the driver to update the database on cameras and information about roads. Such a device 575 euros, reports CarKeys.24.04.2003. . Читать полностью -->

Koreans visited the Japanese

Koreans visited the Japanese If you compare with the situation, which was three months ago, otherwise as `care gap` (in terms of sports commentators), sales growth Hyundai to name it is impossible. Judge: on July 1, they're behind Toyota (without Lexus) was 1187 auto (18 217 against 19 404 or about 6%), but now the advantage is 3304 machine (33 627 vs. 30 323 is already more than 10%). In absolute terms, the `jerk` Korean company - 15 410 hire, or as much as 85% of the annual sales, for only a quarter! A similar result has only Mitsubishi - 84% growth, but the winners of the company is not listed, and while in fifth place. Toyota showed `only` 56% increase in sales, although it is not the worst result. Outsider growth in the first ten became Opel with the figure of 41% for the three months, although this does not mean that machine from RГјsselsheim not buy. Читать полностью -->

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