The new Passat will appear in 2005

The new Passat will appear in 2005 After the recent launch Golf V the next significant event in the life of Volkswagen will be launching a series of new model Passat in 2005. This was stated today at the meeting of the Board of the leading European automaker his head Bernd pikeside.The meeting confirmed preliminary report on the reduction for the next 5 years, the total investment VW 10% on the development and launch of new models. The group's management decided to reduce their planned 33 billion to 30 billion euros.Volkswagen also promised to unify their production, using the same technological solutions and accessories for machines of the same class.Thus VW aims to reduce the high cost of parallel development of engines and models, says the head of the German automobile manufacturers ' Association Ferdinand Dudenhoffer. "Today the flagship models VW (Phaeton) and Audi (A8) there is no identical bolt", he said.However, Volkswagen will not abandon further modification models sold today and intends to regularly update with new versions of roadsters and convertibles based sports cars, said chief concern pikeside.According to him, in 2007 the year 2007, the renewal will be subject to 85% of the models in the lines of the VW and Audi.15.11.2003. . . Читать полностью -->

Brown fears McLaren

Brown fears McLaren Ross brown believes that the McLaren team, and not Williams will be strong opposition to Ferrari next year. Technical Director Scuderia admitted that his biggest worry was this team.Brown said that his excitement cause technical Director Adrian Newey and ultra-professional team approach to racing.He said, "If I'd asked me who would be our main rival in 2003, I would definitely say that it will be McLaren.". . . . . Читать полностью -->

The new rules of imported cars decreased revenues

The new rules of imported cars decreased revenues A new procedure for the registration of second-hand cars began to affect the work of the Russian customs officers.Cars stopped to import foreign cars stopped to arrange for the cars stopped paying, writes today newspaper `Izvestia`.Official data on the effect the innovations of the Ministry of economic development and Ministry of industry and science on the revenue, not yet. But we already know that fans of cars left in the "shadow": the most frequent violations on the border again becomes "grey" clearance vehicles, the newspaper notes.The last change of the rules of registration on the border of cars occurred in mid-summer. If, before July 25, there were two tax rates (for small cars and more powerful engines), since the end of July, the government divided the duties on 6 categories depending on engine size. In the customs "clearance" cars average power in the age from 3 till 7 years has increased approximately twice. And the price of used cars of the late 90-ies on average increased by 2 thousand dollars.How to write `news`, on the Western border on July 25, there was silence: disappeared endless queue of avtoperevozchikov. According to the Kaliningrad regional North-Western customs, in August the Russian border crossed only 370 cars. Читать полностью -->

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