Renault Clio Sport will add 10 "horses"

Renault Clio Sport will add 10 Today, this model uses a 2-liter engine produces 172 HP and less than that of the its main competitor in the class supermini - 180-horsepower Peugeot 206 GTI.Details about the new engine is still unknown, but it is planned that the maximum vehicle speed will increase to 225 km/h instead of the current 220, and acceleration to "hundreds" will be reduced from 7.3 seconds to 7.0. The transmission will remain old - 5-step "mechanics".Unpack the new version also will not change. The car is still equipped with ABS systems, EVB (electronic transfer of power efforts on the rear brakes) and ESP (stability of the trajectory), climate control, trip computer, alloy wheels and xenon headlights.Price updated version of the Renault Clio Sport will remain at the current level of around 22 . . . Читать полностью -->

Rally Acropolis. Martin ascended to Olympus

Rally Acropolis. Martin ascended to Olympus On the fiftieth rally Acropolis happened two events, which have long awaited rally in the world: the first victory of the new Focus, which (no surprise) coincided with the first triumph of the Estonian Markko Martin.Estonian surely had the whole stage. He took the lead in the third stage, selecting a first position from his partner Francois Duval, who soon made a mistake and fell, and remained the first to the finish. The only nuisance within three days of the rally was opened on the fifth SU the hood, however, even such a surprise cost him the price of only a few seconds.Carlos Sainz led his Citroen on the second place and, as in Turkey, proved that the Red devils can ride not only on the asphalt. This was confirmed by Colin McRae, who was very confident, but failures (on the first day it dropped back fine in fifty seconds, and the last day he lost time because of problems with electronics) dropped Scot in eighth place.Third finished Petter Solberg. Norwegian has focused on stability in the early days of the rally and the maximum speed on Sunday, hoping for a confident account of the drive to come up. Читать полностью -->

Arrows going to play in the season-2003 - Hire

Arrows going to play in the season-2003 - HireThe Arrows team filed into the International automobile Federation (FIA) application for participation in the world Championships in 2003, before it settled on the 15 November deadline. The press Secretary of the long-suffering "stables" was laconic: "Application received". Mired in debt, the team claims that it has managed to find yet another new investors, which, apparently, has funded enrollment for 2003, because it is necessary to attach a fee in the amount of three hundred thousand dollars. In addition, Arrows had to call at least a preliminary pilot part of the season in 2003 and engine suppliers.FIA plans to publish the entry sheet for 2003 in early December, but there is little doubt that the Arrows will pull with all the answers to the last, that is, until March, when the start of the championship. And yet not far fact that the team will actually take part in it.. . Читать полностью -->

`Russian buses` for the month amassed a billion

`Russian buses` for the month amassed a billion Last year these figures look a bit more modest: in August 2002, it was sold a little more than 1.2 thousand machines, for which the plants received less than 700 million rubles. Thus, the company "Russian Buses", which includes plants PAZ, LIAZ, GolAZ and KAVZ, can boast of great success in car sales in August this year.Only for 8 months of the current year have found their owners nearly 9.5 thousand buses produced by the plants of the company, and that "Russian buses" rescued 5,9 billion rubles. For comparison: last year buses released almost 1.5 thousand less, and the annual profit of the company amounted to only about 4.5 billion rubles.At the moment, all plants belonging to the company can boast of new developments. Thus, the GROOVE is going to put on their cars new clutch production of GAS.LiAZ fully commissioned technology cataphoresis treatment of the body, has created an exhibit a copy of the new low-floor city bus LiAZ-5292 and agreed to supply to the factory automatic transmission Alleson. GolAZ going to increase the production of long-distance tourist buses "Cruise".Successfully found their niche and Kurgan bus plant, not only to launch production of the so-called "school" bus, and started to sell it in small batches in the near abroad16.09.2003. . Читать полностью -->

New Mercedes CL will show in the spring of 2006

New Mercedes CL will show in the spring of 2006 Following sedan Mercedes S-class, which will be presented at the motor show in Frankfurt in September this year at the Geneva motor show in spring 2006 will debut a luxury coupe CL. While information about future models kept secret car paparazi could make a few spy shots of the new coupe, and the German magazine Autobild treating pictures presented his vision of a new car without camouflage.Technically CL will incorporate all the latest developments in the automotive industry. In particular coupe will get a revolutionary night vision system, which uses infrared sensors to help the driver when driving in the dark, we should also expect the system warns the random intersection of road markings (like in the latest Citroen models). Among small options it should be noted the rear view camera in the bumper and the mirrors and front-end system with a joystick on the center console, as iDrive in the BMW and the Audi MMI.Under the hood will take the place of the familiar 12-cylinder turbocharged motor CL600 (500 HP) and its tsirovanna version of the CL 65 AMG (612 HP), the basic version CL500 will receive a new unit of 5.5 V8 (388 HP) and instead compressor option CL 55 AMG appears naturally-aspirated motor CL 63 AMG power 535 HP07.05.2005. . . Читать полностью -->

The new generation Jeep Wrangler will present in the winter of 2006

The new generation Jeep Wrangler will present in the winter of 2006 American brand Jeep finally decided to build a completely new generation of its legendary Jeep Wrangler. According to the Car Connection, prototypes of future innovations already started road testing and a production version of the car will show in the beginning of 2006 on one of the North American auto show.The new Jeep Wrangler lies a new chassis, and, as expected, the novelty will be available in both traditional two-door variant, and in the extended, four-door version. Traditionally, two-door Wrangler will be equipped both with a soft folding roof and hard top. It is possible that later the ruler of this model will add a new pickup.The basic version of the Jeep Wrangler is equipped with a 2.4-liter gasoline engine power of 150 horsepower. Besides him, the buyers of the car will also be available 3.7-liter V6, and a mighty 4.7-liter V8 borrowed from the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Externally, the new Wrangler will largely resemble the concept car Jeep Rescue, presents a few years ago and the recent concept pickup Jeep Gladiator.02.06.2005. Читать полностью -->

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