Grand Prix Of Europe. Webber was left disappointed

Grand Prix Of Europe. Webber was left disappointed Grand Prix of Europe brought to the Treasury of Jaguar Mark Webber a further three points. Webber finished sixth behind Ferrari's Michael Schumacher.Perhaps his partner Antonio Pizzonia would also have points to his team, but a 10-second penalty stop-and-go" deprived him the slightest chance it. Whatever it was, Webber called his race is not very good, but to complain about low position did not, since it was almost the maximum possible for the team.Mark Webber: "Heavy, in some sense a failure, but we managed to win the three points. I am a little disappointed that the balance of the car was not perfect. In the early stages of the race there was understeer, but after the second pit stop, the situation has improved markedly.It was interesting to fight with Jenson Button, and in the end, our team of mechanics did a great job, so I bypassed it. Читать полностью -->

Mercedes Viano BRABUS sports and elegant

Mercedes Viano BRABUS sports and elegant New Mercedes Viano, which worked BRABUS, combines sporty design and elegance, and boasts a new kit to improve the aerodynamic qualities, which is also suitable for the new Vito.Drives BRABUS Monoblock IV size 8.5Jx18 were developed specially for the new Viano and Vito, they are either tires Michelin or Pirelli size 245/45 ZR 18.The most expensive version of the Viano 3.2 BRABUS got the engine the 3.8's with great volume and power 300 HP/221 kW. Among buyers, particularly popular version of the Viano 2.2 CDI. Kit BRABUS D3 (II) significantly increase the maximum power from the standard 150 HP/110 kV up to 177 HP/130 kW.Fully leather interior made of soft breathable leather BRABUS Mastik and many accessories such as the ergonomic sports steering wheel, aluminium pedals and locking the door, give the salon is very comfortable and solid feel. Door thresholds marked with illuminated BRABUS logo.10.12.2003. . . Читать полностью -->

Premiere of the new Suzuki Swift will take place in Paris

Premiere of the new Suzuki Swift will take place in Paris The company Suzuki has extended the first pictures and the first official information regarding the all new Suzuki Swift hatchback. Externally, this new product is similar to the concept car Suzuki Concept-S, introduced in 2002, and the official premiere of the new Swift will be held in late September of this year at the auto show in Paris.The car itself was quite compact - its length is 3.7 m, width - 1,69 meters and a height of 1.5 meters. Sizes Suzuki Swift comparable to the model of the Toyota Yaris. The design of the car turned out pretty cute, but not as aggressive as the concept Suzuki Concept-s Novelty was the original vertical headlamps, almost vertical rear rack body and has a large glass area. Inside the car looks modern and in addition, it incorporates modern and high quality materials.Be equipped with the Suzuki Swift will be two petrol engines volume. the 1.3 - and 1.5-liter capacity in 91 and 102 horsepower respectively, and a new 1.3-litre diesel engine with a capacity of 70 horsepower, maximum torque of up to 170nm at 2000 revolutions per minute. Читать полностью -->

System stability can be mandatory

System stability can be mandatory The national authority for road safety USA (NHTSA) started testing stability control systems. This will probably lead to the fact that NHTSA will propose to make the system mandatory on such vehicles as SUVs, minivans and vans. Another way, which can go NHTSA to impose such rules on the specifications for these cars, which can be performed only in the presence of the stabilization system.In any case, this news is good for both suppliers and consumers.System stabilization movements are designed to help the driver maintain control and avoid drifts, coups, etc. the System to operate with the help of various sensors, distributing brake force and engine power to different wheels and controlling the supply of fuel without the aid of the driver. According to NHTSA, the stabilization system to reduce single accident involving a passenger car by 35% and single accident involving an SUV at 67 percent.In most cases, these systems are offered by manufacturers optional, at extra cost. Since then, as in 2000-2002 American public heard of multiple cases of coups Ford Explorer, which caused the deaths of the stabilization system began to be of great interest to various groups for the protection of consumers began to demand the inclusion of these systems in the mandatory equipment. Читать полностью -->

Toyota Crown Majesta is

Toyota Crown Majesta is Toyota Motor Corporation has unveiled the official details and pictures updated Crown Majesta. The car is much like Crown Royal Series and Crown Athlete, which has also undergone significant changes in December last year.Key words to describe the new Crown - "dynamics and dignity." Powerful a 4.3-liter engine, 6-speed sequential transmission Super ECT, a specially designed suspension system and VDIM (Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management) makes the car very responsive to any movement of the driver and provide an opportunity to gain from the process of driving a real pleasure. The system of dynamic stabilization VDIM will stand as the rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions.The new Crown Majesta used the latest technology in the field of security - for example, Pre-crash Safety with radar and camera allows you to prevent an accident, and cruise control, which also uses radar, makes life easy for the driver in the tube, keeping the distance of the car in front. In addition, there is a night vision system, and Lane-keeping Assist system, which helps smooth move on his band, and adaptive road lighting Intelligent AFS), and many other achievements of science and technology.Trunk lid is opened with the electric drive, Smart Entry and Start allows you to open and start the car without the key, air conditioning with new technology Plasmacluster Ions provides maximum air purification since, as someone sits in the car.Among other things, the new version of the Crown emissions 75% lower than provided by state standards 2005.This week, the Crown Majesta will appear in dealerships in Japan. While the company namerena to sell thousands of cars a month.07.07.2004. . Читать полностью -->

Opel will develop mid-size cars for General Motors

Opel will develop mid-size cars for General Motors The German Adam Opel will play a key role in the creation of new mid-size platforms and vehicles for various brands included in the General Motors. This was stated by the head of the company Opel, Carl-Peter Forster in an interview with Reuters.According to him, this decision is part of the restructuring programme of the European business of General Motors. And that company Opel is given a Central position in mid-size cars. In the future, it is expected that all major divisions of GM will occupy a key position in one or another field of concern. According to experts, such a "division of labor" within the framework of General Motors, will substantially reduce the costs of the creation and launch of new models.Note also the fact that the company Opel, according to Forster, this year actually will finally emerge from the crisis and return to profitability.04.06.2004. . Читать полностью -->

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