The British do not agree with the scheme, "how come so many pay

The British do not agree with the scheme, In the UK it is planned to introduce a new scheme of payment for travel on the road. It was called "How many are coming so pay". The Ministry of transport proposes to put on each car of the so-called "black box" satellite tracking system, and the driver will charge a fee depending on how many and where he went, and at what time. The most expensive will be a trip through the busy roads where most people go to work - for example, in Central London, the price will be up to 1 pound 30 pence (about 2 euros) per mile, and the movement through the empty country roads will cost just 2 pence per mile. Initially, this scheme will start operating vlide, Manchester and the West Midlands and will be implemented within five to six years, and spread it all over the country will take 10-15 years. According to preliminary studies, this will give the opportunity to reduce road tax and reduce congestion by about 4%.Most British motorists against such innovations - they think it will turn to them only new costs and will not help get rid of traffic.10.06.2005. Читать полностью -->

Land Rover Discovery awaits replacement

Land Rover Discovery awaits replacement In the autumn of this year the company land Rover will start selling the new generation of SUV Discovery, which with minor modifications issued for 15 years - for fans of off-road riding this news is one of the most important in 2004.The biggest news for fans of the Land Rover SUVs is that the new Discovery will receive a completely independent suspension of all wheels, and it will be pneumatic. Because of this the driver will be able to choose which ride he wants to go, and what should be the car ground clearance.It should also be noted that the new Discovery will become larger and more spacious than its predecessor. But the design will combine the characteristic features of the old car (preserved `brand` stepped roof) and a new style of Land Rover with large rectangular headlights.Under the hood of the Land Rover Discovery will install four engine: gasoline displacement of 4.0 and 4.2 liters (215 and 240 HP) and two diesel. The first is 6-cylinder with a volume of 2.9 liters (177-200 HP), and the second will have 8 cylinders and a capacity of about 300 HPTransmission will be a new generation. Now the driver doesn't need to be out on the roads to include all sorts of reduced transmission, lock differentials, etc. to keep Track of all of this is designed electronic system that will be to choose the mode, which is now required for travel through difficult places. Читать полностью -->

Champion ASCAR enters IRL

Champion ASCAR enters IRL Before the start of the season IRL IndyCar Series remains less than ten days. In the first stage of the series (it will be held in HOMESTEAD) are expected to participate 19 pilots.However, in the second race in Phoenix to peleton added at least one participant. This is the British champion series body ASCAR Ben Collins.Collins will be the fifth representative of Britain in IRL (except for him it was Darren Manning, Dan Wheeldon, mark Taylor and Dario Franchitti) and will go for the team PDM Racing. Recall that in this stable in time began IRL''s career Sam Hornish and stepson of the head of the IRL and Tony George - ed Carpentier.To the third stage in Motegi to the members of the League Races Indie will be added in the same way Roger Yasukawa, which will go for team Rahal.20.02.2004. . . Читать полностью -->

Known value:

Known value: Presented in the fall at the Frankfurt motor show, the updated X5 already appeared in the Russian BMW dealers. Taking a test drive of the new, `Газета.Ru` come to the conclusion that the minimum exterior and interior changes is hidden quite another X5.Yes, you need to be a connoisseur of the model range of BMW to go to distinguish the updated X5 sample 2004 from its predecessor with the same index. Look both machines are almost equally impressive is that from a distance, near. And only putting them nose to nose, you can find differences.One of the most eye-catching parts X5 - hood. Its characteristic topography formed by convex and concave surfaces, remained basically the same, but the lines become wider, higher and now reach of the grille. Has changed the grille. Читать полностью -->

Karting. Samarin and Afanasyev in the European championship

Karting. Samarin and Afanasyev in the European championship Sergei Afanasiev and Ivan Samarin made it to the final of the European championship in karting, which is scheduled for August 23-24 in Italian Corridonia.Muscovites started last weekend in Belgium at the circuit de Spa-Francorchamps passed the qualifying round of the European championship. The final received 24 racer, and Afanasiev with samarium surely have qualified in its class inter-Yu, taking the sum of the two races seventh and eighth places respectively.17.07.2003. . . . Читать полностью -->

Ingolstadt: the struggle of the higher powers

Ingolstadt: the struggle of the higher powers Did not have time to come to the Paris salon presentation of the new Audi A8, as the German company announces the upcoming expansion of its range. Inherited from its predecessor, the A8 will get sectility W12 engine with a capacity of 430 HP This unit, pushing the heavy sedan to "hundreds" of less than 5.5, and adjusted his suspension settings display Audi leaders in the battle with the Mercedes-Benz S600 and BMW 750. Next summer will appear elongated by 20 cm A8. It is clear that these inches will benefit most in this car, the rear passengers.Another novelty - A8 with the station wagon, in contrast, emphasizes non-traditional approach of Ingolstadt. Indeed, such a machine in the range there are no competitors. "Great car" will be installed all the same engines as the sedan, including the 360-strong S8, turbodiesel and TDI "top" W12. Читать полностью -->

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