The prototype of the new Bentley tested

The prototype of the new Bentley tested The new Bentley sedan, while known under the code name BY611 must become competitor brands such as Mercedes, BMW and Jaguar.Two prototypes of the new model being tested on Nurburgring. Both are very cleverly disguised in an ordinary sedan Phaeton.The salon will still be manufactured in the UK in Crewe. Here will be used the same materials as for the larger models of this brand. Designers very carefully watched, so that no material has reminded finish salons other brands VW.Under the hood-wheel BY611 will stand 500-horsepower engine V-12, and the maximum speed is electronically limited to 300 km/H.The model should appear on sale in 2004, and the price of a new Bentley BY611 will start at 170. 000 dollars.04.11.2003. . Читать полностью -->

Frankfurt: Volvo introduced the S40

Frankfurt: Volvo introduced the S40 New Volvo S40 is 50 mm shorter than its predecessor, but despite this, Volvo offers the properties and qualities of the larger Volvo models.The new model will be more expensive than the current modification Volvo S40, but some of the increase in rates will be significantly offset by newest design, model and specification proposed for the basic version of the Volvo S40.The exterior design, giving the impression of restrained power and elegance combined with avant-garde interior, executed in the style of high-tech, justifies the desire of designers to make the product attracts the attention of the young generation of buyers.This fully updated car as standard is the most advanced, patented Volvo, systems and equipment in the field of preventive, passive and personal security, including chassis increased compared with the existing model on the base, and the width of the front and rear axles; the body with high torsional rigidity is 68% more than the previous model; zone gradual deformation to absorb the impact energy; elements of a safety cage made of highly durable steel; advanced systems SIPS, etc. Traditionally, in the standard specification Volvo S40 for the Russian market will include: air conditioning, power Windows and heated front seats.Moreover, now buyers Volvo S40 will be able to enjoy a number of such options that previously were offered only for large models Volvo S80 and S60. New Volvo S40 can be equipped with an integrated phone system STC stability and traction control, dynamic stability and traction control DSTC (prevention system drift) and others.New model Volvo S40 will be collected at the Volvo Cars plant in Ghent, Belgium. Volvo Cars stops the production of the previous models Volvo S40 and V40 at the company's plant in the city of borne, the Netherlands. S40 will begin to roll off the production line at the end of the year, while the annual sales plan for 2004 will be 70. 000 machines. Читать полностью -->

Chrysler recalls 10 thousand wagons Pacifica

Chrysler recalls 10 thousand wagons Pacifica Chrysler announced the recall of about 10,000 of its newest universal Pacifica 2004 model year that were sold in the U.S. market.According to the statement made by the representative of the group, so far recorded only one case of leakage of the fuel pipe, which can be caused by deficiencies in his mount.As we previously reported, Chrysler dissatisfied with the launch of the new station wagon, on which great hopes were pinned. Yesterday, the automaker announced a discount of $3000.12.11.2003. . . . Читать полностью -->

Visteon gets rid of the 15 plants

Visteon gets rid of the 15 plants Automotive components supplier Visteon Corp. agreed with Ford on the reduction in the number of employees at its plants. 5,000 people from Union UAW will receive compensation payments, working on an hourly basis will be Ford.In addition, Visteon transfer 13 of its plants under the control of the company with limited liability under the wing of Ford and will give the group another two plants. The total staff of 15 plants is 18.600 people, including 17.700 person formally enrolled in the Ford. Plants that are transferred to the group are located in the state of Michigan. One manufactures engines, the other platform components. Читать полностью -->

Hamann first proposed tuning package for the new BMW 3-Series

Hamann first proposed tuning package for the new BMW 3-Series Known Hamann tuning shop specialising in fine-tuning of BMW cars, the actual first proposed its own styling package for the new generation model of BMW 3-Series. In the bowels of the Studio is already in full swing working on creating tuning technical equipment of the new model.Meanwhile, experts Hamann offers its customers a stylish aerodynamic body kit that includes a new grille, front bumper, rear bumper, sills of the body and a small spoiler that is mounted on the edge of the trunk. With the new elements of the exterior of the BMW 3-Series looks much more aggressive and more dynamic compared to the basic version.In addition, Hamann also offers a kit lowered by 35 mm suspension, and stylish rims of two types of dimension 19 or 20 inches. Traditionally, customers Atelier can also enjoy a range of accessories for easy upgrades trim.11.03.2005. . . Читать полностью -->

Ford C-Max: in Russia from 15.500 Euro

Ford C-Max: in Russia from 15.500 Euro Ford C-Max is built on the Ford Focus platform. But unlike the Focus, C-Max will offer more space in the cabin and better comfort. This is the standard way - by increasing the height of the compact MPV. The cabin, which can accommodate five passengers and baggage can be transformed with a removable rear seats, which, moreover, can be moved back and forth independently of each other.The front of the car reminds Focus, but the rear, model, standing on the step below - Fiesta. Owing to the exact proportions and clean lines, compact MPV does not appear to be `avtobusnoto`. In General, thanks to an ingenious aerodynamics, the drag coefficient is just 0,29."Multi-purpose vehicle Focus C-MAX is the successor of the traditions of European best-selling Ford Focus, which has already become legendary," said Henrik Nenzen, President of the Ford Motor Company in Russia. Читать полностью -->

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